Welcome to SaReGa Music

SaReGa Music – School of Fine Arts – a place to learn the Indian ‘PoP’ music, the right way! has accomplished a lot in the past 12 years. NewYork-Raja, as he is popularly known in the Tamil Community in the GTA is a Music Composer/Teacher who started this music school in 2001. NewYork-Raja, born in Chennai, India originally known as Gururaja Rao Rajith, has worked with many celebrities from the south Indian film industry for many years before he moved to America in 1993.

New York-Raja, as a successful musician & music teacher of SaReGa Music, has set standards by conducting annual talent show exams, in order to develop valuable skills in music among the students. Every year, the students take the talent show exams which are recorded and then evaluated. Many popular musicians/artists from India and Canada have also judged the students’ best performances. All the students perform in the annual talent show usually held in the last weekend of June every year. Read more about NewYork Raja, founder of SaReGa Music.

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SaReGa Music – School of Fine Arts has produced many students as good musicians with excellent playing skills in keyboards and guitar. In the last 10 years we’ve produced 46 music graduates and 20 music composers. 11 Students have performed as ‘solo keyboard players’ with the ‘legendary’ popular play back singer P. Susheela in the year 2007.

SaReGa Music – School of Fine Arts has produced and released the first music CD album titled ‘Love Music’, composed by 8 Student Music Composers, sung by film playback singers Krish, Chinmayi and the Super Singer Juniors in the 8th annual celebrations in June 2009. Cool Music, 2nd Music CD album was released on the 10th annual celebrations in June 2011, with the music composed by 10 students as young as 12 years and up.

The students of SaReGa Music – School of Fine Arts celebrated the 12th annual celebrations on June 29, 2013 with the film play back singer Krish and many popular singers of Toronto.

12th Annual Celebration Special Awards:

BALA Music Scholarship1 Year Free Music Lessons – was awarded to ASVIN (level 3 Guitar Student)

RANGARAJAYYA Music Gift Certificates – was introduced on the 12th Annual show held on June 29th, 2013

$200 Music Gift Certificate to Mithurna (Level 3 Keyboard Student) – the Best Student 2012-13

$100 Music Gift Certificate to Nishana (Level 5 Keyboard Student) – the Best Talent Show 2013 Performance

$205 Music Gift Certificate to: Level 1 Students (Badri, Mathushan, Prakash, Tharun (Keyboard) and Soorya and Tanner (Guitar) Students for the Best Group Performance on the 12 th Annual Show.